Time for Everything

I have spoken with several people who desire to make changes in their life. They want more for themselves and their families. They feel stuck. They need to make a shift. Perhaps the changes you desire are about your health, weight, prayer/spiritual practice, physical appearance, job or learning a new skill/language, etc. No matter ... (Read More)

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Stress-Free Start and End to Your Day

Early Morning There are so many good habits that can be put in place to start your day. For starters, beginning your day by focusing on yourself. This could include prayer, quiet, reflection, meditation, inspirational reading, exercise or stretching. One of the worst practices is to check emails and social media first thing in ... (Read More)

Stress-Free Start and End to Your Day2024-02-06T22:46:23+00:00

Heating Compress for Sore Throat

Naturopathic Doctors have been using hydrotherapy for over 150 years. One of the most common and beneficial types of hydrotherapy is a heating compress. What is a heating compress? A heating compress is NOT a hot compress. A heating compress is cold. The compress becomes heated by the body part to which it is ... (Read More)

Heating Compress for Sore Throat2024-01-23T22:40:40+00:00
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