Early Morning

There are so many good habits that can be put in place to start your day. For starters, beginning your day by focusing on yourself. This could include prayer, quiet, reflection, meditation, inspirational reading, exercise or stretching. One of the worst practices is to check emails and social media first thing in the morning.

If you have a high pressure job with a lot of emergencies then this practice may not be the best fit. However, most job-related emails can wait. Scrolling through social media can be negative experience. It is a habit that many people have and some may not even be aware that they do it. For some it can an addiction. People feel they are missing out on something. Schedule time emails and social media.


Restful sleep is necessary after a long day of work. It would be ideal to have some healthy practice in place as people wind down their day. This could be journaling, a hot bath,  a cup of herbal or just some quiet time. Looking at text messages, emails or social media posting at bedtime can be stressful and cause someone to become agitated, angry or annoyed. These emotions are not conducive to a good night’s sleep.

The Solution

Avoid looking at your phone the first hour of the day and the last hour of the day. Focus on yourself at these times.

Your body, mind and spirit will thank you.  

Image by Freepik