I have spoken with several people who desire to make changes in their life. They want more for themselves and their families. They feel stuck. They need to make a shift.

Perhaps the changes you desire are about your health, weight, prayer/spiritual practice, physical appearance, job or learning a new skill/language, etc. No matter what your goals are you need to make time for them.

There are 168 hours in a week. 5 hours is 3% of your week (Here is the math: 5/168=0.029).

What if you put processes in place 5 hours a week to address your goals?

Maybe your schedule is really tight with work, school and family responsibilities. How about 2.5 hours a week to work on your goals? This would be represent 1.5% of the week ( 2.5/168=0.0148).

There is time for everything. How much time is spent watching television? Watching videos on YouTube? Looking at Instagram? TikTok?

A small change over time can lead to big changes in your life. We can think about what we want or we can do something about. Inspiration is all around us. 

Image from Freepik