14 Tips for Better Homework Time

This is an exciting time of year for both students and parents. Here is a list 14 tips for better homework time. These tips after school during homework, can help make it more productive for everyone involved.

1. Establish a routine
2. Use a calendar that lists afterschool activities, e.g., sports, clubs, special events, and schedule them in when these activities conflict with homework
3. Select an area that is dedicated for school work
4. Keep this area free of clutter and distraction
5. Play classical music in the background as it can be conducive to learning
6. List what needs to be done and cross items off as you have completed them
7. Power off all gaming devices and anything else that can be distracting
8. Limit the amount of television that can be watched
9. Use television as a reward and not as background noise during homework time
10. Take frequent breaks. More work can be accomplished in 3 intervals of 20 minutes than in 1 60 minute period.
11. If you are feeling frustrated or tired then a short walk or brief interval of physical activity can help to re-focus and re-charge you
12. Looking at pictures of natural landscapes can help to increase concentration (if you have access to beautiful natural landscapes then spend a few moments there!)
13. If using the computer limit the number of windows or applications that are running. Having your e-mail program and other social media sites open can be a huge distraction.
14. Have healthy snacks on hand during this time. Sugary foods and drinks can affect concentration and are best avoided at this time.

There are several other strategies that can be helpful. Naturopathic medicine can help you or your student to be at their best so they can enjoy their school experience.